Suitable alike for the amateur, the market grower, or the gentleman's gardener, for early forcing or for mid-season consumption is the Black Hamburg, and the best variety of this Hamburg is that known as the Frankenthal. The true Frankenthal variety may be easily detected by the hammered appearance of the berries when they are ripe. This variety also produces longer tapering bunches than the others, with only moderate shoulders. Mill Hill is the next most distinct Hamburg. It produces short bunches with heavy shoulders, and the berries are usually very large, but as a rule it does not color so well as the Frankenthal. Black Prince is a distinct grape that is rather miffy in its behavior, but if variety is wanted it may be planted with the Black Hamburg, but it is quite distinct from it, and may be at once detected by its long, tapering bunches, which usually color well, as its name indicates. - The Garden.