The Caroline Raspberry

We find this amber-colored variety is not of the Rubus occidentalis or "Black Cap " race, but of the same class as the Philadelphia belongs to. Some botanists believe these to form a distinct species, and Dr. Peck, of New York, once named it Rubus neglectus. It is by far the best of these light-colored kinds.

Fay's Currant

Fruit which we saw on a young plant transplanted this spring, shows that it is a much finer fruit than the Red Dutch. From the test made it could not be decided whether it was very different from the Cherry and the Versailles which it much resembled. It is at least safe to say it is a very good variety.


Few fruits are more delicious, when properly ripened, than the nectarine; but except from glasshouse culture, they are rarely seen. The Curculio is just as fond of them as of the plum. If the trees were shaken as plum trees are, one could just as well have nectarines as plums. It is now settled beyond all question, that while persistent shaking is a success, nothing else will secure plums.

Black Knot On The Pacific Coast

Prof. Hilgard is reported as saying that "the Black Knot is almost universal on the cultivated trees throughout Oregon and Washington Territory," the cherry being understood as the trees referred to. It is common on the choke cherry in California, (Cerasus demissa, probably,) but has not been reported as on cultivated trees.

The Curl In The Peach

A belief prevails that some varieties of peach never have the curl; but we believe any variety may suffer.

Glendale Strawberry

"F. B.," Pittsford, N. Y., says: "We are growing the Glendale strawberry here and find it to be of such merit as to be recommended for both market and family use. Being of such a brilliant color, large size, good form, and very productive; much better than the Green Prolific, an old variety. If I mistake not the Glendale originated at Akron, Ohio, in Glendale cemetery. Green Prolific is pistillate. Glendale is not".

A New Peach Wanted

Raphael Sherfy, of Gettysburg, Pa., says " that the peach growers are in need of a large white cling peach of the same quality and texture and as distinctive white in flesh as the Heath cling, that will ripen at a different time in the season, and that he will be pleased to correspond with any person having knowledge of such a variety".

Eucalyptus In California

At Los Angeles are trees of the Blue Gum of Australia, sixty feet high in seven years from seed. We should like to know more about the value of this wood as timber in California, than we have as yet seen reported.