The Colony of South Australia encourages forestry in various ways, even to the extent of giving the trees to the planters. Before us we have a list of trees on hand in the government nurseries, published by the Forest Board at Adelaide, for the season of 1882-3. We note that of the trees of our country, there is some demand for White Ash, Catalpa, Yellow Locust, which they seem to know only as False Acacia, and the Pinus in-signis of California. The most popular tree is their own Blue Gum, Eucalyptus globulus. Of these they have 162,000 young plants. There are of Red Gum, Eucalyptus rostrata, 123,000; and of Sugar Gum, E. corynocalyx, 109,000. Other of the numerous species do not seem popular, as of all kinds there are only 10,000 plants. Pinus insignis is the next largest in stock, near 9,000. The Aleppo Pine and the Carob tree are also in good demand. By the look of the list we should judge that there must be many trees of value to Australia yet to be introduced from other countries.