Very Hardy Apples

A large number get injured by Canadian winters. The Canadian Hor-ticidturist reports the following as always hardy there. Tetofsky, Yellow Transparent, Duchess of Oldenburg, Wealthy, Magog Red Streak, and Scott's Winter, and all first class varieties.

Apple, Rome Beauty

This variety is considered one of the most valuable from Southern Ohio.

Can Fruit Trees Be Over-Fed?

President Barry believes that trees or plants that are under-fed become stunted and are neither useful nor beautiful. The sooner they die the better. Those that are over-fed make a rank, watery growth, which does not ripen, and is not in a condition to resist cold.


The Journal of Horticulture says: Considerable success, we are informed, has attended the experiments of M. Thiolliere de l' Isle at Tain, in France, to check the ravages of Phylloxera, by planting his vines in a soil especially prepared with sulphide of carbon.

Flat Culture In Potato Growing

A few years ago there was much dispute whether potatoes were more healthy and prolific when grown in ridges or when in flat land. The difference in the reports disgusted the simple inquirer after truth. It has since been found that soil and climate have much to do in varying the results. As a rule, the modern experiments favor ridge or hill culture. In wet or low soils it is certainly the best. In very sandy soils, liable to drought, flat culture wins.

Sponge Growing

Sponge culture is a new and promising industry in Florida. Pieces two inches long are planted, and are found to grow to seven inches in seven months.

Levy's Late Or Winter Peach

Mr. Need-ham sends us a copy of a letter from ex-President Grant, dated New York, November 22d, acknowledging some of the fruit, as showing how late in the season this remarkably fine Peach is in season. Mr. Dewey has had colored lithographs taken of it.

Cotton Wood In Kansas

Some cotton woods set out near Salina, as cuttings eight years ago, are now twenty to thirty feet high, and Salina is by no means one of the most favorable spots in Kansas for tree culture.

Timber On The Pacific Coast

It appears Eastern Oregon and Washington Territory are already troubled about the approaching end of the "trackless" forests of those regions. Patents for land on the condition that trees are planted are popular, but it is charged that numberless patents given in this way have been evaded, and popular opinion is growing strongly in favor of pressing the law against the delinquents.