I enclose two blooms of a Dahlia which I find a very useful flower in our cut flower work. It may be old, but I think it originated in our grounds about four years ago. I have never seen it anywhere else, nor shown it to any one who has seen it. It is a good bloomer, having commenced this year in May, and we expect it to continue till frost. We have some 30 to 40 plants. They all have this type, except that they vary in the number of rows of petals, as you see - always 2 or 3 - but always showing a good yellow centre. It keeps well after being cut, and we hope these will be fresh when they reach you. They were cut this Monday morning, at 7 o'clock - 7th. We use it for sprays for ladies to wear, for the decoration of flower work, etc., and it is invariably liked.

Louisville, Ky.