I have been very successful in the culture of Amaryllis, and offer my experience for the benefit of the readers of the Gardeners' Monthly. I have some almost always in bloom through the whole Summer months.

In October I put the pots on a hanging shelf in the cellar, and water about once a month till February, when I shake out of the pots, and reset in the same pots with fresh earth. It rarely requires a large pot to get a good blooming bulb. Four inches is large enough for most kinds. After repotting, I put them on the shelf again, and water once a week till about the 20th of May, when I place the pots out of doors in sun or shade as most convenient. In a few days they begin to bloom, and some of them throw up flowers several times during the season. I have a number of varieties, and they give me as much pleasure as any flower I grow. As the flowers open I take the pots into the house, where the flowers are always admired. For day or night decoration nothing can be grander, and they always excite admiration. For those who have no greenhouses they are just the thing. Youngstown, Ohio.

[We are glad to have the ease with which these beautiful flowers may be cultivated, so ably, and yet briefly told. We shall be much surprised if it does not lead to a general inquiry for them. - Ed. G. M].