Lonsdale, Germantown, notes: "In reply to Mrs. J. G. M., Buffalo, N. Y., on page forty-three, February Monthly, I can with confidence recommend for her guidance in the matter of roses, 'The Rose,' written by the late lamented H. B. Ellwanger. It is considered, by those competent to judge, to be the best book published in this country on this interesting subject. It can be procured through any first-class seed or book store. Mr. Marot advertises it.

"In reference to the violet, 'Swanley White,' wherever Marie Louise can be successfully grown, there ought not to be any difficulty about growing this new one, for it is said to be a sport from the old favorite, Marie Louise. I saw a large bunch of the flowers of Swanley White on exhibition, at the November meeting of the New York Horticultural Society, placed there by Messrs. Hallock, Son & Thorpe. It is really an acquisition, where a white violet is appreciated. It is somewhat scarce yet; the flowers, it is reported, have been sold at very high prices during this season in New York. Fifty dollars have been paid for a wedding' bouquet made of this violet".