The last monthly meeting of this society was held in Horticultural Hall, on Tuesday, March 4th, and although many of the choicest exhibits were withheld on account of the severe weather, the exhibition was one of great merit and interest to amateurs and professionals. Many of the orchids shown were exceptionally fine, though some were unfortunately cut by the frost in transit. The largest collection of orchids, both plants and cut flowers, contained a very fine plant of Dendrochilum glumaceum, covered with flower spikes; very good plants of Dendrobiums - macrophyllum and thyrsiflorum; Lycaste Skinnerii, large, very pale variety of Cattleya Skinnerii, Chysis bractescens, and Dendrobrium Wardianum. The same exhibitor showed some fine Amaryllis - Williamsii and Nightingale being specially noticeable.

A well-known grower of herbaceous plants exhibited one hundred and sixteen varieties of Narcissus, but while many of them display beauty of form or color, the majority are more interesting to botanists than the general public. Other herbaceous plants shown were, Anemone fulgens, Iris reticulata, Viola pedata bicolor, and Chionodoxa Sardensis.

Among cut flowers, spikes were shown of Phalae-nopsis Schilleriana containing thirty-eight, forty-four and forty-six flowers, very fine Phatenopsis Stewartii, and Cypripediums villosum, Lowii, and Harrisonianum. Other cut flowers shown were, Acacia pubescens, Olea fragrans, Spirea, Alla-manda, Azaleas, Cyclamens, Brugmansia, Lapa-geria, Nymphea ccerulea, very fine Gardenia; Inga pulcherrima, etc. One little flowering plant of Chrysanthemum, Fleurde Marie, looked rather out of season. A new Mignonette was shown, Bird's improved, very large and strong, a decided advance on the old Spiral.

There were good Carnations, and as usual, the Roses were very fine, though some of the Hybrids showed evidence of the dull weather. The most noticeable sorts were Magna Charta, Alfred Co-lomb, Souvenir de Malmaison. Mdme. Cousin, Mdme. Alex. Bernaix, and some wonderfully large Niphetos, Cook's and La France. Some very appetizing Mushrooms were shown, also Oranges and fruit of Cycas revoluta grown under glass.