In looking over a diary that I have kept for some years, in which I have noted the time of blooming and length of time that the blooms of various orchids lasted, my attention was drawn to the wonderful capability of these two nearly related genera to keep a house beautiful nearly the whole year round, and I have here given a list taken from a very moderate collection, and all grown in the same house. Of course a continual show of bloom cannot be kept up by a few plants of each kind, but by large quantities of such as Cattleya Mossiae, Mendeli intermedia, and the Mexican Laelias. The blooms will last much longer in a cool temperature, viz., 500 to 6o°, and great care should be taken not to wet the flowers, especially in the late fall and winter. Of course some experience is needed which cannot be learned from books, but I do not know of any plants so easy to grow as Cattleyas and Laelias.


Cattleya Trianae, C. chocoensis, C. Warsce-wiczii, C. labiata Perceviliana, Laelia albida, L. anceps, L. anceps Dawsonil, L. acuminata, L. autumnalis.


Cattleya Trianae, C. Aclandiae, C. citrina, C. intermedia, C. speciosissima, C. Bogatensis, Laelia su-perbiens.


Cattleya citrina, C. amytliestina, C. intermedia, C. Skinneri, C. Schilleriana.


Cattleya Mossiae, C. citrina, C. intermedia, Laelia Brysiana, L. purpurata, L harpophylla.


Cattleya Mossiae, C. labiata pallida, C.Skinneri, C. Mendelii, C. intermedia, Laelia purpurata. L. cinnabarina.


Cattleya Forbesii, C. Aclandiae, C. superba, C. Mossiae, C. Warnerii, C. Harrisoniae, C. luteola, C. .Mendelii, Laelia purpurata.


Cattleya Mossiae, C. superba, C. Leopoldii, C. Harrisoniae, C. guttata, C. crispa, C. intermedia, Laelia purpurata.


Cattleya Harrisoniae, C. intermedia. C. crispa, C. Forbesii, C. guttata, Laelia purpurata, L. Dayana.


Cattleya Loddigesii, C. bicolor, C. Harri-soniae, (C. Pinellii, C. Aclandiae, C. maxima, C. marginata, C. superba splendens, C. Ernstii, C. guttata, Laelia Perrinii.


Cattleya superba, C. intermedia, C. guttata, C. Harrisoniae, C. maxima, C. Trianae, Laelia Perrinii, L. crispilabia, L. acuminata.


Cattleya Trianae, C. Pinellii, C. labiata Perceviliana, Laelia Perrinii, L. autumnalis. L. albida.


Cattleya Trianae, C. Bogatensis, C. Eldorado, C. maxima, C. labiata Perceviliana, Laellia albida, L. pe-duncularis.

There are besides these, Cattleya aurea, Dowiana, Imperialis lobata, dolosa, gigas and its variety Sanderiana, and probably others. Also Laelia elegans in many varieties, L. majalis, L. flava, L. grandis, L. praestans and L. Jongheana, which I have not bloomed, but all of which are choice and easy to grow, except C. Dowiana.