Please inform "V" in answer to his inquiry in the January number of Monthly, that Verbena Imperatrice Eugenie is still in cultivation, and if he will send me his address I will send him a plant. I was glad to see your note on scented geraniums. I wish some one who knows would give descriptions of those in general cultivation. They seem to be very much mixed in the catalogues, particularly the finely dissected-leaved varieties - pennyroyal as I have called them. I find Epigaea repens easy to grow in pots in a cool greenhouse.

I get small seedling plants from the woods in the fall and pot them in two-inch pots, using a good mixture of loam and sand with leaf mould. As they grow and fill the pots with roots, I shift to three-inch pots. Some flower the first year. They flower but little earlier in the house than outside. By the way, Viola pedata and its varieties grow and flower nicely in a cool house, coming into flower by the first of February, when their bright colored flowers are quite attractive. They can be taken up and potted in the fall.

Wading River, N. Y.