Origin Of The Best Roses

The French maintain their reputation as the raisers of the greater number of popular roses, as the long list of French names of the newer ones testifies. England gives us a few good ones, and a few very good ones are of American origin. America has advantages equal to France if any one would take the matter earnestly in hand, as the late Mr. Ellwanger's success fully proved. The Baltimore raised Cornelia Cook, still holds pre-eminence.

Substitute For Coffee-Galium Pisiferum, Boiss

The Bulletino of Firenze in Italy, says that this galium makes an excellent substitute for coffee. It has at least this signal advantage over many plants which have been offered as substitutes, that it belongs to the same natural order to which the true coffee belongs, Rubiaceae.

Napoleon I. As A Landscape Gardener

It has only been recently made known through Count Montholon that during the emperor's captivity at Longwood on the Island of St. Helena, landscape gardening was one of his favorite pleasures. Fountains and rose gardens pleased him greatly. His divorced wife was fond of Botany, and gave much encouragement to the science in her garden at the Palace of Malmaison.

Illustrated Descriptive Catalogue Of American Grape Vines

By Bush, Son & Meis ner, Bushberg, Jefferson county, Mo. This is really a scientific treatise, embracing everything that anyone can want to know about grape growing or wine making, and we believe nothing like it has ever been produced by any horticultural business firm - certainly not in this country. Like all catalogues of nurserymen, it will be of great value to those who want to plant, and, unlike many, will have an honored place as a permanent addition to a well ordered library.

Woods And Forests

Mr. William Robinson, the energetic publisher of the London Garden, and of many other very successful publications, proposes to issue a forestry serial under the above title. Like all similar enterprises of Mr. Robinson, it will certainly prove successful.

Book On Coniferae

F. J. B.: "Will you oblige by naming the best work on Coniferous trees, and where such books can be had? " Hoopes' Book of Evergreens is one of the best for American readers, though there has been no recent edition. Veitch's Manual of Coniferae gives all the latest " news " of these plants, and is a carefully and well-written work. They are, we believe, both in the list of books for sale by C. H. Marot, publisher of the Gardeners' Monthly, and priced in his advertisements.