Grapes And Currants

A Camden, N. J. correspondent sends us a bunch of native grapes, in which all but about half a dozen berries have become currants. Just why these berries become seedless and grow to only half the size we have often guessed, but never felt positive about. Does any body know why the Corinth grape, from which the commercial currant is produced, never produces seeds, and develops to but half its grapeful size?

A Light Cherry Plum

Mr. J. G. Youngken sends us some plums, without any note of explanation. They seem to us to be a light colored Cherry plum, and, so far as we can judge, a very excellent addition to that very useful class of plums. The Myrobolan plum is also of this class.

Pear From New Albany

The fruit sent cannot be identified positively with any known here, though it has close resemblance to several.

Windsor Cherry

Samples kindly sent by Ellwanger & Barry show this variety to be of the largest size - 80 to the pound; very dark red, indeed almost black, and with a very solid flesh, which should make it an excellent shipping variety. They came to hand on the 15th of July, about mid-season we suppose at Rochester.

Yellow Dock As Food

A lady tells us that the Indians of Nevada "use Yellow Dock for salad in the spring, and also eat it just like oxen".

Timber Area Of The United States

It is said that notwithstanding the wild statements that " at the present rate of destruction the whole of our timber will soon disappear," we have yet more acres of timber than the whole of Europe. They have 500 millions, while we have 590 millions of acres.

The Bad Lands Of Dakota And The West

When we read of " bad lands," we take bad in an agricultural sense. But they are bad simply from the stand-point of an Indian. That is to say they are bad to hunt over. Every mile or two on an average, are deep gullies with very steep sides, like dry rivers, over which it is impossible to find crossing places. The intervening plateaus are covered by grass or other luxurious vegetation. Not the least profitable of the Editor's experiences last year, was that among the " bad lands".

The Timber Of The Ash

The timber of the Ash is in good demand for many special purposes. Nothing has yet been found to compete with it as oars for boats.

Forestry Congress

The annual meeting will be held this year at Saratoga on the 16th of September. The chief subjects of discussion will be the Adirondack Forests.

Flowering Of The Night Blooming Cereus

Around Philadelphia, these flower to a day, at the same date in many greenhouses. This season it was June 21st. In New York, according to the Evening Post of August 2d, it was " now opening its wax-like blossoms." This must have been the end of July. It would be of interest to get the exact dates in different places.