A correspondent from Ainsworth, Nebraska, desires "to find out how to get rid of ' pocket gophers.' They live on roots, and can eat the roots off from a six-year-old apple tree. The Gardeners' Monthly has numerous articles on moles but is silent on gophers.

"What books on Botany would you recommend for learning to classify and to identify plants?

"Is there a work on forest trees that tells which varieties are native to each locality and how to identify them?"

[Gophers are only to be got rid of in a general way by hunting, trapping or poisoning. But where land can be flooded in winter time, they can be drowned out. It does not cost much in some cases to make a slight enbankment that will hold water for several days over a large tract of ground. This is sure death to gophers. But it can only be done in winter time when the tree is at rest. A tree in the winter time can be kept for months with its roots under water, but a day under water is an injury in the growing season.

Wood's Class Book of Botany is a very good work for learning to classify plants and make them out from descriptions.

Mr. A. S. Fuller's works on Forestry will be about what you need. - Ed. G. M].