Fertilization Of Yucca

It is believed that the Yucca does not seed in Europe on account of the absence there of insects adapted to cross-fertilization. We have from a correspondent at Rome, who gathered them on the Palatine Hill last winter, fruits of Yucca alceifolia.

Longevity Of The Grape

It is said that the largest grape vine in California is at Ventura, and is 40 inches in diameter in the trunk, - though only 26 years old. It is said to be now on the downward path. If the figures given are correct, it is a surprising growth for such a short time, and more surprising still that it should have such a short life.

Southern Industries

Bigsby & Edmunds, of Baltimore, have secured the services of Col. M. B. Hillyard, to prepare a book on Southern Industries. The work in any event would be valuable, - it is made more so by Mr. Hillyard's connection with it. Few men are better known in the North by the good work he has already done in this line.

What Is A Vine

Years ago, when the celebrated English botanist, Bromfield, was in America, he was considerably amused and wrote thereof to English periodicals, that every climbing or creeping plant should be a vine - the English keeping that term exclusively for the grape. What would he think now to read our small fruit catalogues, and find even the foliage of the strawberry spoken of as "the vines." It is a great thing with introducers of new strawberries to say "the vines are healthy".

Miss Emily J. Leonard

On the 16th of July occurred the death of this estimable lady, at the comparatively early age of 46. She was widely known as a botanist, besides the reputation she enjoyed as a classical scholar and brilliant essayist. Her home was at Meriden, Conn.

The Rural New Yorker

This excellent agricultural weekly has sold its half interest to J. S. Woodward, a well known farmer and fruit grower, who will, with Mr. E. S. Carman, be joint editor in future.

Long Names For Fruits And Flowers

An Iowa correspondent writes: "Am delighted to see the Monthly take a strong stand against long names for fruits and flowers. Long, and especially foreign names, are a heavy load for any candidate for popular favor. Very few can survive this infliction".

Editorial Temper

A Canadian correspondent writes: "You deserve thanks for the good temper you always exhibit in the many contentions you have with 'many men with many minds".

This simply comes from his conception of editorial duty. Possibly the truest editor may get a little mad when in the first person singular, present tense, some clod-hopper treads on his little toe; but when the "I" becomes "we," his dignity finds no place for the usual weaknesses of common humanity.