Progress Of Orchid Growing

It is pleasant to note that the increase of the taste for orchid growing increases as we learn how simple their culture really is. At a recent meeting of the Ger-mantown Horticultural Society a very beautiful collection was exhibited by Alexander Young, gardener to Mr. R. S. Mason; and the reports of the New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts Horticultural Societies, show them as frequent beauties on their exhibition tables.

Government Grounds, Ottawa

We have some photographs of these beautiful grounds which give a better idea of the details than mere language can do. What a pleasure gardening would be if all who followed it would throw so much intelligent enthusiasm into the profession as Mr. Robertson does.

Cultivating Mangrove Trees

Attempts to cultivate these in English gardens failed till the plants were watered with sea-water, when they flourished.

Destroying Leaf Buds In Roses

Benzine, such as printers use for cleaning forms, etc, will effectually destroy the life germ of rose buds, or for that matter, any kind of buds usually found growing under glass. It can be applied with a camel's-hair pencil, and is not objectionable or offensive, as the smell quickly passes off. St. Louis, Mo.

A Pure White Fuchsia

Fuchsia Sanderi is much valued by florists in England for cut flower work, though with some objection that it fades sooner than a good cut flower ought to do.

Seedling Bouvardia

"J. G. D.," New York, desires an opinion of a new seedling Bouvardia, a sample of which he sends. It had been caught in the frost, or got too dry or something. On opening there were only a few black fragments of something which had been.

Phyllanthus Nummularoides

"New subscriber," Baltimore, Md., has a plant named Ara-lia crassifolia, of which he sends a specimen. It is Phyllanthus nummularoides.

Cantua Buxifolia

"Subscriber" writes: "If any of the readers of the Monthly have had any experience in the cultivation, and successful flowering of Cantua buxifolia, will they please give me the benefit of it; and where can a plant of Escallo-nia macrantha be obtained".

Abutilon Insigne

A correspondent queries: "Do you know whether Abutilon insigne is in cultivation in this country, and if so, where can it be obtained? All of our florists to whom I have applied know nothing about it".

War On The Codling Moth

The Riverside (California) fruit growers recently voted to destroy the whole apple crop next year in order to totally eradicate the codling moth, which has settled among them. A subscription will be made in the uninfected districts to compensate the more unfortunate in their sacrifice.