Double Hydrangeas

Nanz & Neuner, write: "In reply to your question on page 263 about Hydrangeas, we say, that we had several of the Hydrangea, Thos. Hogg, come double with us for the last two years, but they are not constant, nor would it be a great improvement".

To Kill Mosquitos

A traveler says that a room full of mosquitos can be easily killed, by first closing windows and doors, and then burning a tablespoonful of buhach on a plate.

Hybrid Anthuriums (See Illustration)

The hybridizers are adding faster to the list of good new plants than collectors in native places. Two interesting hybrid aroids are among the latest acquisitions, of which we have the following account from Messrs. Veitch, of Chelsea, London:

Cuttings Of Lemon Verbena

"H. W.," Montreal, Can., writes: " I should feel greatly obliged, if you would please inform me what is the best time and manner to strike cuttings of Lemon Verbena plants".

[In this part of the world, in July or August, while the young growth is yet but half mature. - Ed. G. M].

Pressure Of Hot Water

"Ignorance," Toledo, Ohio, says: "Supposing I have a saddle water boiler, and about one thousand feet four-inch pipe, how can I get this under pressure? I have often heard of greater heat being obtained that way. How is it done? Will some correspondent please respond in the September number?"

[As we have frequently stated, matter for the Gardeners' Monthly reaching us but a few days before publication, cannot possibly get insertion in the "coming number." - Ed. G. M].

Orchid Growing

A Baltimore correspondent says: "The different kinds of Orchids require such special treatment, that the papers relating to them are always read with interest," and, he adds, "why do not other Orchid growers give us the benefit of their experience".

Fruiting Of Carolinea Alba

Mr. Gurney, Gardener at the Missouri Botanic Gardens, writes: "I send you by mail to-day, fruit and leaves of Carolinea alba. In a week from this the fruit will open. The seeds are easy to grow. Our plant has on it a very full crop of fruit".

[This remarkably handsome plant has many admirers for its leaves. We have never seen the fruit before, and offer our thanks for the pleasure afforded. - Ed. G. M].

Seedling Geranium

"C. N. W.," Ithaca, N. Y., says "I have this day sent you some blooms of my Seedling Geranium. The plant is a fac simile of Crystal Palace Gem, but covered with pink flowers. By giving me your opinion as to its value, etc, you will oblige".

[The light green and dark green shades in the same leaf in connection with the color of the flower, make this a very desirable variety for some kinds of flower gardening. It ought to be a particularly good variety for vases. - Ed. G. M].