Mr. E. A. Carriere

The well-known editor of the Revue Horticole, and Chief of the Flort-cultural Department of the Museum at Paris, has been decorated with the insignia of the Legion of Honor for his horticultural services.

Bibliography Of The Lily

Mr. J. H. Krel-age, of Haarlem, has published a full catalogue of all the works treating wholly or partially of the Lily, that he has in his library. It commences with J. Cuba in 1533, and ends at the three hundred and sixty-fourth treatise in 1884, by Thomas Moore, on the varieties of Lilium Washingtonia-num. It is a very valuable catalogue.

Good Hardy Climbing Roses

These are not numerous, and there are a few very good ones that have been neglected. An old one, Felicite Perpetue, is a capital, vigorous grower, and, withal, a charming bloomer, the flowers being in dense clusters like the original Noisettes. We have not seen one for many years. We think it would be well worth while for some one to reintroduce it.

Victoria Regia In The Open Air In England

In a similar manner so successful with Mr. Sturtevant, of Bordentown, N. J., the engineer of a colliery in Staffordshire has heated a large pond of water by waste steam from an engine, and now has this famous Amazon lily blooming there in magnificent perfection; as many as a dozen flowers have been open at one time. This ought to be still more encouraging to American flower lovers. In many places the natural summer heat of pond water should be enough to grow the Victoria very well.

The Japan Judas Tree

This is much dwarfer than either of the other two well known species. The flowers are brighter, and it is a little gem in the way of garden ornament. Those who wish for something very pretty, and not occupying much room, should make a note now to plant one next fall.

Siberian Lilac

We all like to prolong the season of favorite flowers, and there are few more choice favorites than the old-fashioned Lilac. The Syringa Josikse, or Siberian Lilac, comes in after the common kind has gone, and we have thus Lilacs for a good month. It is of a bright purple color.

Tea Rose, Elize Sauvage

This very old rose, almost lost in the East, is one of the most popular in California.

Perennial Larkspurs

Just now, when herbaceous plants are again attracting the attention of cultivators, the Delphinium, in its numerous varieties and species, is much admired. They stand the summer heat well, and, about midsummer, are among the gayest of the garden flowers.