White Oak

The immense value of the white oak, Quercus alba, created a double surprise at the International Forestry Exhibition - surprise that it was so good, and surprise that the fact was not more generally known. It would be a greater surprise, could these people know that in all the "forestry encouragements" of our timber planting laws, the special planting of white oak is no where encouraged. Very few people engaged in timber culture, know of the value of our genuine timber trees.

White Pine In West Virginia

It is said thousands of millions of merchantable white pine timber is standing in West Virginia, not worth the price of cutting for market. Some day when railroads get nearer it may be profitable.

Wild Grapes In Nova Scotia

It is singular that with the general diffusion of the species of grape over the American continent, none have been found wild in Nova Scotia, except in a probably introduced location.

Duration Of Life In A Honey Bee

The bee's life is a short though an active one. We talk of people working as if they had but a few moments to live, and this may be the reason why the poor bee works so hard. About six weeks in the Summer time is believed to be the full term of life for an English honey bee.

Yucca For Tanning

R. Jacobsen, Chicago, 111., writes: "I take the liberty to ask if you think the rind or bark of the Yucca cactus has been or could be utilized as a tanning agent? A friend from S. California has asked me this question - as I am a sole-leather tanner in this city - but I cannot throw any light on the subject".

[Yucca makes good soap and good paper, but we doubt if it has any thing of value to the tanner. Does any reader know? - Ed. G. M].

The Grave Of Dr. Engelmann

The remains of this distinguished botanist repose in Bellefon-taine Cemetery, North St. Louis.

The Northern States Of North America

The Rev. C. Wolley Dod, in an article on the Hypericum in the Gardeners Chronicle, tells that Hypericum pyrimidatum grows in the Northern States of North America. Just where these are located is not taught in our geographies.

The Grave Of Frederick Pursh

It is not generally known that Pursh, the author of the first work on systematic botany which proposed to take in the whole Flora of the American continent, died at Montreal, and that his remains are in the cemetery there. Scientific men of that section have erected a neat monument over his grave.

Lemuel Clapp

We did not know, until the receipt of the Transactions of the Massachusetts. Horticultural Society, of the death of this well-known horticulturist, of Dorchester, Mass, which occurred on the 15th of June, last, in the sixty-eighth year of his age. The popular Clapp's Favorite Pear was of his origination.