"V." asks: "Do you know whether or not Verbena Imperatrice Eugenie is in cultivation at the present time, and if so, where can it be procured?"

[This refers to the small creeping form of Verbena incisa, which has pink flowers with a white line down the center of each lobe of the corolla, and we believe was also called " Star Verbena." We have not seen it for some time. - Ed. G. M].

We learn that this old plant, the star Verbena, is still under culture in the nurseries of D. Fergusson's Sons, at Laurel Hill, Philadelphia.

Since the above was received we learn that this is grown also by Messrs. E. Walker, New Albany, Indiana, and W. T. Bell, of Franklin, the latter suggesting also that the Empress is Elizabeth, not Eugenie, which was indeed written by the original inquirer, but hastily "corrected" by the proofreader in going through the Dress.