If plants in pots have not had the soil soured by over-watering, under bad drainage, or otherwise become sickly, say through attacks of insects or very bad treatment, they may be kept in pots for years and do well; but very often it is evident the plant is not at home in a pot. Then, it is best to prune it, and plant it out in the open ground all summer. Oleanders, oranges, azaleas, camellias and similar things are very much benefited by treatment like this; and most things love to grow in the open ground during the summer in our country, provided the roots are at all fibrous and will permit of their being lifted with care for potting again in the autumn season. Bouvardias, carnations and many things grown by florists for cut flowers in winter, are treated in this way.

In decorating one's garden for the summer there are many greenhouse climbing plants which could be set out to great advantage, helping the plants and ornamenting the ground at the same time.

There are few things more beautiful in home decoration than ornamental grasses, and where Pampas and other rich things have been preserved in pots all winter, they should be set out in deep, rich soil, in order to get a good stock for parlor ornament next season.

People seldom think of hanging-baskets till the fall comes, but the best lady gardener of our acquaintance starts her baskets in the spring, and hangs them under the shade of trees all summer.

Many kinds of orchids in baskets may also be hung all summer under the branches of trees.

Those plants which are to be kept in pots all summer are best set out in partially shaded place?. There are not many things which care to be under glass the whole season in our country. It seems early to our northern readers to talk of these things, but we have readers where the spring violet already blooms, and it will not be long before spring is everywhere.

It is not always that latitude means temperature. While all the Union was complaining of the terrible freeze early in January, we in Philadelphia could not get nearer zero than 6°, and while writing this, with four inches of snow on the ground, we can walk around comfortably without overcoats.