If Michel Begon, the patron of Botany of the 17th century, for whom the books tell us Plumier named the Begonia, were alive now, he would be proud of the great number of beautiful plants which bear his name. And the number is still multiplied. Unlike many families of plants which improve rapidly but without much particular distinction, new Begonias as a general thing are striking novelties. Quite a number of new additions are noted in foreign serials.

The Umbrella Pine

This very singular Japan tree has produced cones for the first time in Europe, in several places in France during the past season, according to the Revice Horticole.

Growing Lilies

There seems to be a growing belief that the ill success which usually attends lily culture in America is owing to too shallow planting. A foot deep is not too much for a lily.

White Judas Tree

A correspondent from Greenfield, Indiana, notes a tree of the Red Bud growing in that vicinity which has white flowers.

Pyrus Maulei

Mr. Maule, the nurseryman of Bristol, in England, in honor of whom this pretty Chinese species of Pyrus was named, recently died at that place at an advanced age.

We saw in flower the past the most showy of all early flowering shrubs.

Bouvardia, Thomas Meehan

This is announced as one of the novelties of an American firm who have previously sent out the now well-known Bouvardias, Alfred Neuner and President Garfield. It is said to be the result of a cross between Bouvardia A. Neuner and leiantha. The flowers are described as being very double and of a brilliant red color. If this prove as good as the white variety it will be a great acquisition. - London Journal of Horticulture.

Disease In Winter Blooming Roses

The Florists of Philadelphia, and probably elsewhere, have suffered seriously this winter from a fungus among the roses. The leaves " scald " as if they had been hardly handled by a tobacco fumigator, and eventually fall off. Then the roses are poor and the new growth feeble. At times the whole branch dies from the fungus attack.

New Carnation

"J. B. T.," Detroit, Mich., sends for examination a flower of a new seedling Carnation, but which unfortunately came to hand as dry as a chip, and we are unable to say anything about it.

Wilson Junior Blackberry

Is a new variety raised from Wilson Early, and said to have many excellent points.

The Cuthbert Raspberry

This receives praise for the flavor of the fruit from California growers.