An allegory. By Ch. and Mary A. Allen. New York: Fowler & Wells Co.

This is a work for home reading, intended to teach the principles of physiology and hygiene. It has the misfortune of a long title, which is usually against the popularity of any work; and it is especially a misfortune here as it is indeed a very good book, and one we can cordially recommend. It is not often that we feel we can unhesitatingly do this in works of this character. It may be there is nothing whatever in the complete study of physiology that any human being should not know; and yet people instinctively feel that when the ancient wrote " there is a time for all things" he told a great truth, especially here. It is to the credit of this work that it is different in this respect from some others. There is nothing whatever in it but is in season at any time for study, and it should be welcome in every home where there are young people, to whom the same subject in plainer dress would not be attractive.