Mr. F. W. Kelsey, says: "If you will pardon the expression, I do not see that your criticism on the use of the word 'Exotics'in my article helps it materially, for it assumes either that I made a mistake in using it, or did not know its meaning, or that your readers were incompetent to judge of its application as intended. I think even a hasty reading shows that the word is there used in the common acceptation of the term as applied in such cases, viz.: that as a rule, foreign plants are less hardy than native and require more careful treatment accordingly. This is as I frequently use the word and more often see and hear it used; and in cases like this, where the meaning is perfectly clear, it would seem as though the intimation that either the writer or reader (or both) are fools, is superfluous, to say the least. However, I didn't start out to criticise the Editor, but merely to note a reminder in a friendly way".