In his Montreal address Mr. Meehan says: " We discover nothing in the behavior of plants to indicate that they are actuated by individual good further than may be necessary to enable them to fall in with nature's great aim of preparing for the future. Millions of seeds are produced for every one that grows; millions grow for every one that lives long enough to flower; millions of flowers open for every one that yields seeds, and millions on millions of grains of pollen are produced for every one grain that is of service in fertilization. But these surplus seeds, surplus plants, surplus pollen are useful, not to the parents which bore them, not in any way to themselves, but as sacrifices to posterity. They serve as food. They die that something else may live. They all work in with nature's grand aim of developing something for the future. At the present time the eyes of Science are turned to the past. We compare the dim view with that which is about us, and we perceive that all things have worked together for the good of the whole. We see that nothing has lived in vain.

We know that in the general economy of nature there is no waste anywhere." - Journal of Hortir culture.