Arctositaphylos Oppositifolia

This genus which is so well known from the curious "manza-nita" - A. pungens - has had a new one under the above name added to it by Dr. C. C. Parry. The whole genus has been revised by him in the Proceedings of the Davenport Academy of Sciences.

Peach Buds

A correspondent from Berlin Heights, Ohio, says: "The extreme cold killed all the peaches, and hurt grapes some, but I think the pears are not hurt; 170 was the coldest last year. 30 killed most of the peaches".

[Thermometer is no guide to the amount of cold necessary to kill a peach bud. We have known them killed at 50 below freezing point, and then again to get safely through when the glass has indicated zero. - Ed. G. M].

Mr. J. C. Lemmon

This distinguished collector, with his wife, was to start again about first of April for an exploration, during the coming summer in Arizona.

A Compliment To Isidore Bush &Sons

We note by the Italian journals that the grape catalogue of this firm has been translated into the Italian language, showing alike the appreciation of that far-away people of this very able work, and their great interest in the subject of American grapes.

Reliable Seeds

Marcus says: "As you are a botanist, will you please tell me the class and order to which Reliable Seeds belong? I saw the advertisement of a dealer in Reliable Seeds, in an agricultural paper, and sent for a few packages, but after waiting a whole season none came up. I should be glad if you can help me?"

[We sent a copy of this inquiry by mail to "Honest John," but have had no reply yet. - Ed. G. M].

Forsythia Suspensa

Some plants trained to single stems about six feet high, and then left to form heads, are among the prettiest things we have seen this season. They rival Kilmarnock willows in interest.

Roses In Havana

A correspondent of the Journal des Roses says that December is the spring month in Havana, and that the rose is the popular spring flower. La France is one of the most in use, though it does not produce very double flowers in that climate, but it gives out the most delicious of all rose perfumes. For climbing Marechal Niel is the most popular.

Magnolia Thurberi

This has flowered near Philadelphia this season. It proves to be but a dwarf and compact variety of the Chinese mag-| nolia, M. conspicua. It has but two verticials of three each in the petals of the flower; while the usual large form has three. The series of three outer ones being reduced to mere scales, but there are often only six well formed petals on the old form. The habit is however very pretty, and it will be a popular variety.