Many slow growing roses may be made to grow vigorously and bloom well by budding them on strong stocks. Such sorts as Niphetos, Perle des Jardins, and Marechal Niel do best on the Bank-siana. It must be borne in mind that to have such roses bloom in winter they must be worked on such sorts as need no rest, or but little. Roses that make fibrous roots are the best to bud on, such for instance, as Lamarque, America, Banksi-ana, etc. The large flowered white Banksiana rose, that is used for hedging in the South, is the best of all for the purpose. Madam Trotter is another good one for stock. I prefer it to any other one for budding my hybrid perpetuals on. It is even better than the dog rose, having more fibers. To have the best success always bud on a main stem, not on side branches. It gives longer life and larger buds. Norwich, Conn.