A Memphis, Tenh., correspondent, under date of May 2d, writes: "I send you by to-day's mail two blooms of Cypripedium. The bloom is yellow, growing wild around here in the woods. I hope they will reach you in such order so as to be able to say positively what variety it is, and if there is any sale for it either with you or in England. I can get quite a number of them. I should like to hear from you through your Monthly".

[We received a horseshoe-shaped piece of cardboard, which had evidently been a paper collar box, and with the address of the editor and some postage stamps pasted on.

It is a waste of time and money to send plants in paper boxes.

The plant referred to in the letter may have been Cypripedium parviflorum, or C. pubescens. We do not know what demand there may be for them in the old world. It is an art few possess, to find out just where there is a demand for anything, and a greater art to profitably supply it. - Ed. G. M.