Under this heading Mr. C. M. Hovey contributes an article brim full of common sense, to the Massachusetts Ploughman. It is but recently that we had to call attention to a lament of a scientifiic serial, that scientific men should contribute valuable papers to the horticultural and agricnltural periodicals. In its opinion it was a clear case of casting pearls before swine. The lament has induced us to look more closely into the character of what appears in these "tony" serials than we should have done, and it seems to us the case is really on the other side. It is frequently the husks of swine on which scientific readers are fed, especially when they are invited to a repast of a horticultural character.

In this article Mr. Hovey gives numerous illustrations from recent issues, and remarks, "it is astounding that science papers should publish such statements." The point that especially excited Mr. Hovey, was a statement in one of these publications, that all our leading diseases of fruit trees had only appeared during the past ten or fifteen years, and was the result of the ignorance of fruit cultivators.