A Double Red-Flowered Plum

The double Chinese cherry, now some years under culture in American gardens, and admired for the pretty rosy tinge to its petals is to be reinforced by a double "red"-flowered Myrobalan plum. The flower is described as of the color of the common Hydrangea, pretty enough to be sure, but scarcely red in the American sense of the word. It may be rosy, but not red.

Cereus C. M. Hovey

This forms the subject of a recent illustration in the Garden. It appears to have the habit of the variety known as Jenkin-sonii, with the brilliant coloring of speciosissimus. These two are the old-fashioned cactuses of gardens, and are too beautiful to be suffered to remain so rare as we now find them.

Salvia Ixterrupta

"C. E. P." wants to know if some one will be so good as to give him a description of Salvia interrupta.

Growing Flowers In Prepared Moss

A correspondent inquires whether the premiums or competition between plants grown in moss and plants grown in the ordinary manner, promised about a year ago, ever came off, and with what results.

The Phylloxera In France

The French have about abandoned all effort to preserve their vines through insecticides. The use of the American stocks is found to be the simplest protection. In the first year an American cutting is planted, in the second this is used as a stock, in the third the scion bears fruit. Care must be exercised in selecting stocks suitable for particular districts, for the variety that is fitting in one place is not so in another.

The Bermuda Onion

"What is in a name" is illustrated by this variety of onion. A correspondent of the Florida Dispatch gays that no onion seed is raised in Bermuda, the climate being an unfavorable one for the onion.

Jonathan Apple

This is a good keeping variety. It is reported that Charles Osborne, of Vas-salboro, Maine, has kept some in good condition for twenty-two months.

Doyenne D'Ete Pear

This seems to be the earliest variety that has any great popularity about Boston. It also succeeds well at Philadelphia.

The Amsden Peach

This ripened last year near Bordeaux in France on the 8th of July, and is highly praised by a correspondent of the Revue Horticole. American Peaches generally seem to get much praise in Europe.

Profits Of Currants

Mr. Handy, a grower in Orleans County, New York, finds great profit in La Versailles and Red Dutch currants.

Alcohol From The Chestnut

Under the name of tanadin, a very popular grade of alcohol is being distilled from the sweet chestnut in Europe.