Solanum Ohrondii

This "novelty," is said by Mr. J. G. Baker to be an old species described as S. Commersoni. Mr. Baker, as we understand, does not regard S. Fendleri as distinct from S. Jamesii, which latter name he adopts.

Foretelling The Weather

Dr. Geo. En-gelmann, of St. Louis, has recently submitted the result of 48 years of weather observations at St. Louis. There is no rule he says. The mean summer temperature of St. Louis is found to be 76°-8; the mean winter temperature 33°-4; the mean annual temperature 55°-4.

Seeds Of The New Species Of Potato

Mr. J. G. Lemmon, of Oakland, California, has a limited stock of the tubers of the Solanum tuberosum, variety boreale - S. Jamesii - and a few packages of seed of the new species noted in our last, which he will sell so far as the stock holds.

The Glastonbury Thorn

This singular variety of Hawthorn flowered on Christmas day in the old churchyard of Glastonbury, as we learn from an English letter.

Dish-Cloth Gourd

"Inquirer" asks: "At the recent meeting of the Mississippi Valley Horticultural Society, in New Orleans, I was shown a sponge-like mass which I was told was the interior of a species of gourd. Can you give me the botanical name of the plant? It seemed a very useful thing, either as a sponge or as a substitute for a towel on a pinch".

[Luffa AEgyptica. - Ed. G. M].

Pine Grove Cemetery Near Boston

This is under the management of Mr. Daniel Barker, a well-known and active member of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, and is regarded as one of the best conducted in Massachusetts. The roads or avenues are all named after trees, and the smaller paths after shrubs and herbaceous plants.

Silk Culture Chart

Mr. Felix Gillett, of Nevada city, California, has prepared a chart for hanging up in rooms, so that instructions in every thing relating to mulberry leaves, varieties, culture, rearing insects, and preparing silk, can be seen at a glance. It is an excellent idea.

The Florida Dispatch

Of the large number of exchanges which come to an Editor's desk, and which he has to "go through" at any rate out of respect to those who send them, there are always a few so full of real information that they are usually set aside for a second and careful reading. One of these from our daily mail, is always the Florida Dispatch. It is a monthly, now in its third year, and published by Ashmead Bros., Jacksonville, Florida.