I have several times lately had occasion to recall and pass round a reminiscence of some twenty or more years back, which has been again recalled by your remarks upon page 48 of the Gardeners' Monthly for February, under the caption "Praising New Fruits." In those days it was the habit of Harpers' Monthly to give with each number a cartoon, hitting at the foibles and humors of the times; and I recall one in which was represented one of those feminine characters called hucksters, sitting in the market surrounded by her wares, among which were some mammoth pumpkins; when, a cockney coming along remarks, "you don't call them large happles, do you? we 'ave bigger than them in hold Hengland." "Apples!" replies my lady, "them aint apples, them's huckel-berries." At the present rapid rate of "development" in new fruits, we shall at no very distant day be in some doubt as to whether a pumpkin, an apple, or a huckelberry is the subject of representation.