A premium was offered for an original design of cut flowers, and it was awarded to Mr. A. LeMouet. It represented a flower garden, with a balloon arising therefrom, with the words "off on a tour" upon it.

The second premium for "original designs" was awarded to Long & Houghton, and represented a Roman chariot drawn by two doves, a rather heavy load for the feathered creatures.

The first premium for table design was awarded to Hauft Bros. It represented a round table with a design of choice roses, chiefly of La France, in the center, which was surrounded by a wreath of red carnations. The edge of the table was left entirely clear for plates and other things.

In floral wedding gifts, the first premium was awarded to Charles Carlin. It represented a wishbone on a stand, which might lead to sad reflections if the couple did not get the ones they had wished for when the original bone was in service.

The best funeral design to A. LeMouet representing a mausoleum with gates ajar. For an original design A. LeMouet also had the first premium. Represented a clock with words around it, "The hour is come".

Second premium to Mr. Neal, "Rock of Ages." This was conceded to be much the handsomest design, but could not be regarded as original. This was the case with a broken wheel at the fountain, and there was a curious original fancy in a globe with wings for flight attached.

In cut flowers the most enchanting were baskets of glorious and deliciously scented orchids.

In cut roses the only novelty of good promise was the Southern Belle, a seedling of Mr. May of Albany. It was after the style of Souvenir d' un Ami, a French word equivalent to our "keep-sake".