By Robert Barnwell Roosevelt: New York, Orange Judd Company.

Florida, the land of the orange and flowers - the land of health and rest for the sick and the weary - but Florida as a sporting country, has never been fully described. It is the object of this work to do it. Game is disappearing in many parts of the Union. In Florida it still abounds. Mr. Roosevelt says it is a sportsman's paradise. The birds, fish and animals are fully described, and every information given as to where and how to find them, and to fully enjoy the sport.

The Book of Plant Descriptions,or Record of Plant Analysis. Prepared for the use of teachers and students, by Prof. G. Groff of Lewisburg, Pa.

We noticed this excellent book on its first appearance, and the popularity of the scheme is attested by the fact that this is the fifth edition of the work. And yet it is very simple. It gives definitions of all terms used in describing plants, and the rest of the work consists of blank pages in which the student fills in his own descriptions of the plants he analyzes. The book is but thirty cents - little more than the stationery usually employed by students.

Palliser's Useful Details - enable builders and artisans, as well as others interested in the construction of any building whatever, the authors have hit on the idea of not only giving general elevations and plans, but also of issuing working plans of every part of the structure, so that any artisan can see at a glance just how to put up any desired building. We have looked particularly at the plans of " an office " and wished we had just such intelligent directions at the commencement of business; and we note many good things besides which it would be to the great interest of every gardener and nurseryman to know. We believe it will be a very useful undertaking, and hope it will prove the profitable venture it deserves to be. The publishers are Palliser, Palliser& Co., Hartford, Conn.