By Thomas Meehan. L. Prang & Co., Boston, Mass. A Missouri correspondent sends us the following translation from the German of a notice of this work:

"It is a real joy and delight for the lover of good books as well as of beautiful illustrations, to study with attention the grand literary enterprises of our day. One work excels the other in artistic finish, especially with reference to truth to nature, and this is particularly observable in the latest works on natural history; they are not only collections of beautiful pictures, but furnish above everything else important material for object teaching. The most prominent works in respect to elegant colored illustrations are several on ornithology, (like the rich work by Dr. Russ, 'The Foreign Cage Birds,') and several botanical works.

"There are certain misgivings about chromo-lith-ography, and a mild shudder creeps over the connoisseur and admirer of the great masters, when he contemplates that any picture may be reproduced by chromo-lithography anywhere and in any way; but it is different with birds and flowers, which have lately been reproduced in excellent color prints of really wonderful perfection, and at the same time at astonishingly low prices. Among the finest productions in this line has to be named the above mentioned work. We may even go further and say, that hitherto nothing like it has been published in America. Every lover of our native plants, every friend of science, every connoisseur of good pictures will thank the publisher, the author and the artist, that they have brought out this magnificent and most useful work, at the astonishingly low price of fifty cents for four wonderfully fine chromo-lithographic plates. This work will doubtless tend to create a taste for the ideal and beautiful among American people, now too much occupied with materialistic considerations. The success of the work will depend on the support it will receive from lovers of nature, and especially of flowers, admirers of good pictures and books, men of science, and all who have sympathy for the poetry of life.

The 'Native Flowers and Ferns,' should find a place in every larger and better private library, but especially in the library of every higher institute of learning - high schools, latin schools, academies and seminaries, etc. It will enable teachers of natural history to bring before their scholars not only single plants, but entire families and orders. Our children need not roam in field and wood, in the prairies of the West, in the swamps of the South, or among the rocks and cliffs of the mountains, to become acquainted with plants; they can with ease contemplate them true to life, by turning over the leaves of this magnificent work.

"The author of the work is Thomas Meehan, a name well-known to all botanists and horticulturists. This name alone is a guarantee of the excellence of the work. Under his direction, a German artist, Mr. Alois Lunzer, has painted the plants from nature. The firm of L. Prang & Co., have given a new proof of their high reputation by the beautiful plates".

It may not be out of plaee to add that since the sudden death of Mr. Robson, the last publisher, and the bankruptcy of his estate, Mr. Meehan has endeavored without success to find a Philadelphia firm to resume its publication. He has had to look to New York, and has now reason for believing that the work will reappear with the new year. He has at least sufficient encouragement to feel warranted in engaging Mr. Lunzer to go on again this summer with his beautiful drawings for him.