We learn from a New York correspondent that a German nobleman of considerable influence undertook to get from America a large collection of American ornamental trees, and took all the precautions desired by the Phylloxera convention of Berne to avoid any connection with the Phylloxera. Precisely the same precautions were taken as that confederation desires. But because this country was not a party to the Berne convention, the trees were forbidden entrance to the port of Bremen. They were sent to Hamburg, but there the authorities took and burned them all!

No wonder Mr. Henderson thinks the best way to bring these silly folks to their senses would be to interdict their productions here. Fortunately America is able to get along and produce every thing it needs without any intercourse with the old world. Still for the sake of humanity in general which profits by intercourse, we regret the temptation to another course. Our country is swarming with European insect pests, but we turn to and fight the insects, rather than the people who sent them.