Among all the sinners against propriety the French are perhaps the greatest. Mr. Barry in his recent Presidential address remarked: "Quite recently I had some correspondence with the editor of a leading French horticultural journal, and he has promised to have the matter brought before their societies. A distinguished French author, Decaisne, in his great work, the "Jardin Fruitier du Museum," attempted reform and made a vast number of changes to simplify and improve the nomenclature, but scarcely any, perhaps not one, of his changes have been adopted in catalogues or other publications. It is difficult to change a name of long standing and general use. Nothing but a general and well-directed movement will do it. Our nomenclature is really a reproach to pomological science, and if this movement succeeds it will be the crowning work of the American Pomological Society".

They ought to know that when their long names get here, we have to shorten them. We have the Duchess and the Congress pears, though each but one-third of the original name.