A table recently given by the Revue de I'Horticulture Beige, as to the age of trees when their timber is of the most value, gives us also an idea of the different periods at which trees mature in the Old World and in this. Black Walnut, 250 to 300 years; Royal Oak, 250; Quercus alba - we suppose the American White Oak grown in Europe is intended - 200; European Sweet Chestnut, 200; American Chestnut, 180; European Linden, 125; Broad leaved or Dutch Linden, 90 to 100; European Beech, 90 to 95; Scotch Pine, 90; Norway Spruce, 95; White Willow, 40; Sycamore Maple, 50; Alder, Cherry, Poplar, etc, 50 to 60. We believe those marked in the list over 100 would not be worth much in this country after that time.