Mr. Peter Henderson remarks: "I mail you to-day a malformation - a flower shoot of Rose Magna Charta. I have never seen anything exactly similar. You will notice that the "wood shoot that has run through the flower shoot, also terminates in a flower bud. Such a specimen would have gladdened Mr. Lindley in his belief that all flowers and fruits were simply abortive branches and leaves".

[This is a very interesting specimen. In similar cases the rose flower shows a disposition to become a branch; in this case it is chiefly branch, and very little rose. The petals are perfect, but they are scattered on the stem, and are in the place of leaves in two instances, with the axillary bud at the base. We have learned still more about these things since Lindley's time. For instance, a rose petal is not a modified leaf so much as an enlarged stipule. - Ed. G. M].