A correspondent writes: "Ramsey's history of South Carolina tell us that Michaux's garden was situated about ten miles from Charleston, but whether on the Ashley or Cooper rivers it does not say. Ramsey says: About the year 1786, the government of France sent out the celebrated Andre Michaux, who established a botanic garden, into which he introduced a number of curious exotics, etc. This garden has gone to ruin, though many of the articles growing there have been transplanted and preserved elsewhere. After publishing a botanical work in America, Michaux returned to France, where he published another book. He died in Madagascar in 1802. In examining Ramsey's history, we found quite an interesting account of the establishing of the now famous ' Drayton's Azalea and Japonica gardens,' which, if you care to have, I shall be happy to transcribe for you. The present owner is the Rev. Mr. Drayton. We generally drive over there every spring, and take our lunch to a most beautiful live oak avenue, where we and our horses rest, enjoying a delightful day there".