Our readers will remember the illustration we gave last autumn of a remarkable grape vine, growing on the grounds of Mr. Lorin Blodgett. We have the following note from Mr. Blodgett: "My giant grape vine came near being the death of me. In the great storm of June 24th the eastern extension trellis, 45x16 ft. high, blew down in a mass, taking two to replace it. After getting it back in fair condition, I fell Irom a low step-ladder, and broke my left arm, two weeks ago Saturday. The crop of grapes on this vine, Rogers No. 9, is enormous, - the largest and best it has yet borne.

[It is to be hoped that Mr. Blodgett's life may be spared many years. His work on Climatology and other statistical labors will doubtless have many important additions in the future. - Ed.G. M].