The annual meeting of the State Society will be held at Harrisburg on the third Wednesday in January (16th and 17th). Orders for excursion tickets can be had on application to E. B. Engle, Chambersburg, Pa.

The annual report for 1883, from Secretary Engle, Chambersburg, Pa., is before us, and as usual full of very interesting matter. Those who believe that societies of this kind are mere trade organizations, and have little interest for those who are not commercial men, will have a different idea after looking over a work of this character. The frontispiece is a colored illustration of the improved Chinese Primroses, as brought about by Henry Rupp of Shiremanstown. Another pretty colored plate is of the " Ida " cherry. It appears to be one of the many excellent seedlings native to Pennsylvania of which the fruit culturists of the state are proud. A picture of a red raspberry, may make people who are indifferent to fruits, determine to plant some good kind or another, if it should serve no other purpose than the evident one here of making a pretty picture book. " Celery culture " is illustrated with some diagrams showing how to blanch without much earth; and there are good wood-cuts of the Siedel, Clark, and other good Pennsylvania apples.