At a recent meeting of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society a member said that Ellwanger & Barry, of Rochester, N. Y., have a plum orchard of half an acre or more, and from the time'of flowering until the 20th of June it [ is the whole business of one man to attend to them, jarring - not shaking - down the curculios. If planted in the hen yard there will be no trouble from curculios.

This is all right so far as the jarring goes. The trees must be jarred suddenly, and the insects collected on the sheets on which they fall. But the chicken yard idea will not do. The writer of this enclosed a plum plantation expressly as a chicken yard, and for several years did not get a solitary plum. Then various suggestions made by eminent men were tried in addition to the chickens, but still no good. The last three years he has resorted to jarring, and has now all the plums he desires.