It is strange that the French, after having lost so much through the Phylloxera, should be so slow to see the use of the American grape to graft their varieties of Vitis vinifera on. We know that Taylor's Bullit, Elvira, and many others are indestructible; their root system is entirely different from the Vitis vinifera. Only one thing is necessary, and that is, they ought to be grafted above ground; for if they are grafted in the ground, they will throw out roots which will be again exposed to the Phylloxera. I think it is this that has not been considered. They have now a silly law to exclude the American grape; but why should not we in America consider this matter more closely? Some of the finest delicate grapes are also delicate in constitution, liable to mildew, Phylloxera and other diseases, but when grafted on strong kinds are enabled to resist these diseases.