We have had brought to our attention this season an extraordinary number of new seedlings, each claiming to be the best ever raised, but when we get them we fail to see any difference from scores of others already known, and decline to give the desired "boost" to them. We are willing to go to the expense of engraving anything when such engraving informs and instructs; but in the case of these strawberries, all we should have to do would be to sort out some cut of a bushel on hand, and no reader would ever be the wiser. This fact seems to impress others as well as us, for the trade cuts now generally aim at something else besides form and color. Before us is a colored illustration of a grand novelty, which gives a stalk with twenty berries all ripe, and not one less than three inches round on the side of view, and allowing one-half on the side we cannot see, this would give thirty berries all ripe at one time on a single stalk, and ranging from three to four and a half inches in diameter. We should not like to say such a sight is impossible, or that the picture is overdrawn, but we do say that few who buy the plants will ever see the picture realized.