The common garden toad (Bufo Americana) is an animal easily domesticated, and a most interesting pet. For several years my mother allowed one to enter her kitchen, where it fed with great zeal upon the house flies. It became so tame that it would readily take flies from the fingers of any member of the family. At present I have one which is living in a cool hole in my bed of young cabbage plants, and it is doing good work in keeping away the little flies, which are so troublesome to that plant. Toads and little snakes are of value in destroying insects in the garden.

Lewisburg, Pa.

[A friend of ours, satisfied of the great value of the toad, and believing them very scarce in the vicinity, offered the boys five cents for every one they might bring him. There is nothing like boys for an advertisement. The proposition became known to every one in the township, and our friend found himself with nearly a cart load of batrachians to pay for; and became a firm believer in the dogma, that there may be too much of a good thing. - Ed. G. M].