"S. P.," Belvidere, Illinois, writes: "Please answer through the Gardeners' Monthly the best mode of culture of the Bouvardia and Carnation. Greenhouse in winter and the border in spring. Please note the winter temperature".

[In this part of the world the roots in February are cut into pieces about half an inch long, placed on a box or pot of earth, covered about a quarter of an inch deep, and placed in a temperature of about 700. In a few weeks they have made nice rooted plants, when they are potted single in three-inch pots, and kept growing in the same temperature till the first week in May, when they are planted in rows in the open ground. In September, or early in October, they are taken up carefully and potted, - or, where they are grown largely, in benches made for them. To flower them well through the winter the temperature should not be below 650._Ed. G. M].