"Subscriber," Philadelphia, writes: "I like the article in December number on ' Propagating Clematis,' I think if you would treat other plants the same it would be of interest to a great many. I should like to see an article on growing Ferns and Pandanus, telling in detail how to grow them. I think any article of this kind would be of value to the amateur or beginner, and would increase the interest in the Monthly".

[We cannot treat the fern as we did the clematis, because there are an immense number, and so many of them require treatment different from others; but if we confine ourselves to propagating them from the spores, as a general thing, we may say that they require continuous air and moisture. The best way is to get a saucer of water and put a brick in it, and on this brick scatter the fern spores, then place a bell glass over the whole. In a month or six weeks there will be a plentiful supply of plants if the temperature suits the kind, which can then be moved to earth in pots. - Ed. G. M].