"Wm. M.," Philadelphia, writes: "As a subscriber to your magazine, I write for information in regard to the care and treatment of greenhouse varieties of Hibiscus. I have a few large plants.both single and double, in tubs, and find that after digging them up in fall they continue dropping their leaves, and remain bare long after being planted out again in June. If you will kindly give me a little information on the subject, and also how and when they should be pruned, you would oblige".

[These plants are intermediate between an evergreen and a deciduous plant, and it is common for them to lose their leaves, when transplanted as described by our correspondent, without its being regarded as any serious injury. Indeed, some believe they bloom much more freely for this treatment. If the leaves are desirable this can only be secured by lifting the plants with very great care, and placing them at once in a close, warm place, where there will be as little check as possible to continuous growth. They are extremely beautiful plants for both summer garden decoration and winter greenhouse adornment. - Ed. G. M].