Some time since a correspondent who complained loudly of the damage from dogs, through his hedge affording no protection, was advised by the editor to plant the hedge with strands of barbed wire through it. We wrote to know how it answered, and here is the reply:

Referring to your postal of the 14th ult., would respectfully say that we have had three strands of that sharp pointed kind of wire (not that flat that they can see), stretched along the hedge, and soon had the fun of surprising a big dog very much. He was scratching his back in one of the hedges with great comfort. A real good peppering with shot woke him up, and in his hurry to get home, ran into the wire. He played the dogs with the fence, for he didn't see it to jump over, and he hadn't time to back out, so had to go through. Don't think that particular dog will bother us much this summer. Am rather pleased with the work, and regret that I cannot stay home for a few days to work the plan more fully.