When a correspondent recently wondered that the "Rose Editor" did not keep well read up in the proper orthography of the queer French and other names given to Roses, he surely did not know of the immense number of new ones always claiming some glance from his rose-blinded eyes. It would take a constant reference to a Directory of the Cities of London and Paris together to get these legions of new names accurate, and then we should have to have a guarantee that the compilers got the names correct in the first instance. To say nothing of names, we barely get time to look at the pictures of the host of new candidates for popular favor which come to our table; but this "Queen of Queens " had something about it which insisted on attention. The flowers are five inches across, and of that delicate salmon rose color, so appealing in arose. It is "said to be" the beginning of an entirely new race which will fully merit the title of Hybrid Perpetual, and will flower freely in the fall as in early summer.

It is one of Paul's introductions, and is said to have had for one of its parents the old Belgian summer rose known as Maiden's Blush. As the picture appears in the Florist and Pomologist, we may feel certain its beauties are not exaggerated.